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Frequently asked questions

If you need some general assistance you can browse through our FAQ list to see if we can quickly help.

What networks will the Olitech handset work on?2019-06-21T17:43:02+11:00

The Easy Mate+ can be used with any mobile phone carrier in Australia and New Zealand. It can also be used in other countries however you would need to ensure the country supports the 3G mobile frequencies of 850, 900 and/or 2100.

If you need any general troubleshooting assistance please give our Customer Care team a call on 1300 776 176.

Which mobile network does Pharmacy Telco use ?2019-03-19T10:25:30+11:00

Pharmacy Telco (ABN 51 134 544 602) uses part of Telstra’s 4G and 3G mobile network.

Pharmacy Telco provides customers a combined 4G and 3G coverage  footprint of 98% of the Australian population.

Can I check coverage in my main place of use ?2019-03-19T15:21:31+11:00

Pharmacy Telco uses parts of Telstra’s 4G mobile network. Our customers can enjoy a combined 4G and 3G coverage of 98.8% of the Australian population.

That’s an incredible 1.6 million square kilometres of coverage. Check out your predicted coverage with the interactive coverage map here.

This will ensure that you have the best possible experience with Pharmacy Telco .

What plans do you have available ?2019-03-19T09:55:08+11:00

At the moment we have one main plan – the $14.95 Unlimited Calls and Text Starter plan. In the near future we will be launching other affordable plans to suit every budget.

How do I activate my SIM ?2019-03-19T15:11:54+11:00

First up you’ll need to have your new Pharmacy Telco Mobile SIM card.

Visit the Pharmacy Telco website and select ACTIVATE SIM. You will need to enter the SIM number and complete your details to begin the process.

Please note that SIM activation is only available Monday through Friday 09.00am – 5.00pm. Carrier activations may take up to 2 hours and is during business hours only.

How do I set up Voicemail ?2019-03-19T14:52:06+11:00

Easy! Simply dial 141 from your device and follow the prompts. If a PIN is required to setup enter 366141.

What handsets are compatible with the service ?2019-03-19T10:04:05+11:00

A number of mobile handsets and mobile broadband devices have been tested for inter-operability with our service. If you are unsure please contact Customer Care.

How do I add more ringtime to Voicemail ?2019-03-19T10:02:51+11:00

If you want to extend out the ring time to 30 seconds before your phone goes to voice mail dial **61*+61141**30#

How do I configure my phone ?2019-03-19T14:47:44+11:00

Generally, most mobile devices will automatically self-configure when they detect a new SIM in the device, and require no End User manipulation of settings, however there may be a few issues causing a device to not auto-configure with the correct settings for the Pharmacy Telco service:

1. The device has pre-set settings for a specific carrier
2. The device recognises a Pharmacy Telco SIM card as a Telstra retail SIM and applies an APN suited to Telstra retail.

In order for a service to operate correctly, the device should have a configuration with correct settings;

The main settings that may need configuration are:

– SMSC (SMS Message Centre) to send SMS
– Access Point Name (APN) for data connections
– MMSC (MMS Message Centre) to send MMS

The SMSC for MEA’s services is: +61418706275

Combined Data and MMS settings: For APN and MMS, these are combined in one group of settings as follows: Name: Mobile Data APN: Proxy: (blank) Port: (blank) Username: (blank) Password: (blank) Server: (blank)

MMSC: MMS proxy: MMS port: 80 MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0 MCC: 505 MNC: 01 Authentication: (blank) APN type: default,dun,supl,mms

Note: Incorrect settings may introduce the following conditions: – Inability to use mobile/cellular – Inability to send MMS/SMS

My mobile service is not working ?2019-03-19T10:03:55+11:00

The first thing to try is to restart your device. Sometimes, it is also necessary to deactivate data in settings, and then switch data back on. Also, make sure that your device is charged, and that you have network coverage. If that doesn’t work please call our Customer Care team on 1300 776 176 for further assistance

I have a problem with my Olitech handset ?2019-03-19T10:22:34+11:00

Your Olitech product is backed by a full 12 month guarantee from the date of purchase. In the unlikely event of anything going wrong, you can have confidence that your purchase is protected by a manufacturer warranty.

Warranty registration is easy and secure and once completed you will receive the following benefits and more:​

Cover in the event of mechanical or software failure for 12 month from the purchase date.

​In order to commence the warranty process please visit

If you need any general troubleshooting assistance please give our Customer Care team a call on 1300 776 176.

EasyMate+ & EasyTel Phone Manuals2019-04-04T14:01:55+11:00

The best place to start for assistance on both the EasyMate+ and EasyTel phones are the manuals.

EasyMate+ Personal Safety Phone Manual- PDF

EasyMate+ Personal Safety Phone Quick Setup Guide – PDF

EasyTel Personal 3G Home Phone – PDF

How and when are invoices sent out ?2019-03-19T15:03:23+11:00

Your monthly charges are billed per your billing cycle. Your first bill could have charges for part of the month until your next billing period begins. It will also have charges in advance for the next month. Your Account will be direct debited on the 15th of the month. Emailed invoices are free. The maximum monthly charge depends on whether you consume more value and/or data than included in your plan.

Your service will be automatically renewed and billed after payment each month unless you inform us you wish to cancel your service or you transfer your number to a new provider. Your invoices are sent by email only.

How do I Transfer or Cancel my Service ?2019-03-19T14:58:15+11:00

You may cancel this service at anytime and is best performed prior to the anniversary date of your plan. There is no minimum term on this plan and as such no termination fees. Plan charges are payable in advance and there is no refund of any amounts if you cancel your service or transfer your number to a new provider.

How do I change my Credit Card details ?2019-03-19T14:55:19+11:00

To change your nominated credit card details please contact Customer Care on 1300 776 176.

What methods of payment do you accept ?2019-03-19T14:54:08+11:00

Pharmacy Telco only accepts direct debit via a Credit Card for the payment of services. Auto Payment from your nominated credit card is setup at the time of sign-up and purchase.

Complaints & Feedback2019-03-19T10:16:27+11:00

Pharmacy Telco takes every complaint and feedback very seriously. We appreciate every opportunity to make things better. If we don’t know we can’t fix it. You have the right to make a complaint where you are dissatisfied with the services or products that we provide or with the way we’ve handled your enquiry or complaint.

Your feedback is always important to us, good or bad, especially when we don’t meet the expectations we set for ourselves on service or we fail to deliver the service you expect. We want to make sure your concerns are resolved as effectively as possible.

We will deal with your complaint fairly, courteously and deal with your complaint in a timely manner, considering all the circumstances of the complaint and any special needs you may have.

For further information please see our Complaints Handling Policy here.

Customer Care2019-03-19T10:07:56+11:00

To contact Customer Care please raise a ticket here or alternatively call 1300 776 176.